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Unlock the secrets to employee engagementwith DesignLogics

Are your employee communications falling on deaf ears? Are you struggling to keep your team engaged and motivated? We get it, it's not easy. But there's good news: you can fix that!


Introducing DesignLogics, a methodology that combines the power of behavioral economics principles with effective communication strategies. Our approach has been proven to dramatically increase engagement rates, even for initiatives that were struggling to gain traction.


We use principles like Loss Aversion, Scarcity, SocialProof, and Anchoring to create communications that capture your employees' attention and motivate them to take action. And we're sharing our secrets with you! Click here to see the twenty most common and useful principles.


Download our free PDF guide and gain access to the 20 most common and effective behavioral economics principles for employee communications. You'll also get examples of how to apply each principle to your own communication initiatives.

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