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Founder discovers forgotten corporate values from 1994

Customers are looking for companies with passion, but traditional Mission–Vision–Value statements are dead and buried. May they rest in peace! Let’s face it; most mission statements are banal, most corporate values consist of the same overused words (integrity, quality, solutions, trustworthy, blah, blah, blah) and most vision statements are so lofty, I mean, how many of the “world’s leading” companies can there be? Passion statements are different. They get to the heart of your organization to express - not just what you do, but why you do it and how you’re changing the world. Passion statements don’t conform to any set structure - they’re more important than that. They are simple, understandable, and passionately articulated. All that matters is that it’s authentic and will inspire others to act, either on your behalf or as a customer. Passion statements aren’t written to appease people; they’re written to move people. We always find a workaround for passionate people. Let’s Get to Work – contact us below!


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