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You're reinventing healthcare.

Let's build a brand that inspires change.

Building a Better


Using gamification, Parker Madison combines Perceptual Management with Behavioral Economics to tell a brand story that stands apart in a competitive landscape and drives engagement.
We don’t know who discovered water,
but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t a fish.

Our Audible Program

Fresh perspectives are an important part of life and business. They help keep us grounded and help us see a bigger picture or a new way of looking at things.


The Parker Madison Audible process is designed to help developing brands get their story straight. The Audible program is a deep dive into all facets of the brand and its communication, from identifying the culture to precise messaging for diverse audiences.

Gamified Branding

Our 3 Step Process



Using our proprietary process, we facilitate surveys, exercises, and dialog. Testing and validating assumptions that your team holds about the character of your organization, your unique position, and the essence of what makes you who you are.



Informed by our exploration process, we look for patterns that reveal the true nature of your organization and what sets you apart - creating visual and verbal brand systems that align people's perceptions with the way you want them to think about health and care.



We apply the brand story to the tactical elements that shape people's perceptions - providing insight, creativity, and standards to a cohesive yet flexible brand structure.


Let's start by defining who we are, our core values, how we meet the needs of our audience(s), and our objectives for growing the brand. Thinking beyond the mobile app, how does our culture bring value to our people and health care consumers who use our services?


Which archetype best defines Transcarent?


Are you the Caregiver, someone who puts the needs of others first and seeks only to serve their needs? Are you a Sage, someone who places ultimate value on knowledge and the benefits of research and experience? Are you the Revolutionary, someone who sees a big problem and isn't afraid to tear down the status quo and start over from scratch 'the right way?'


Transcarent probably has aspects of many archetypes, and the way to know is to have employees participate in an organizational survey. You will find that different groups respond uniquely: care coordinators may view the company as a nurturing Caregiver, whereas the product team may see the company as an Explorer looking for the next big thing.


Defining your culture is the first step to engineering your brand. Knowing both your strong suits and your shadow sides will not only help tell your authentic brand story, but it can help departments and partner organizations work better together.


Transcarent is moving quickly. As with all start-ups, decisions are made quickly to minimize the burn rate, but it shouldn't prevent the organization from asking deep and meaningful questions that impact its future. The Audible workshop is a chance for key thought leaders to exercise non-linear thinking, discuss and collaborate on key considerations, and hammer out some meaningful conclusions that impact performance. 

Hover below to learn more about our audible games

Archetype Validation

Archetypes can represent Transcarent’s character. This exercise helps visualize the different dynamics within the company and how different archetypes come together to form your unique brand.

Behavior Mapping

What is the decision path for consumers when dealing with health care? What behaviors does Transcarent want to influence? Where can we impact behaviors to achieve the results we want and that ultimately benefit health care consumers.

Purpose is Priceless

This exercise helps Transcarent distinguish between the functional aspects of their health care solution and the ultimate purpose of the organization. How are you using technology to benefit humanity? 

Ask an Expert

Developing fresh and new content is an ongoing challenge. This exercise explores the myriad of ideas and perspectives that make Transcarent unique, new and newsworthy in an industry that is filled with organizations competing for attention. 

Social Currency

How do you make the Transcarent experience something people feel compelled to share? How would someone talking about Transcarent gain social currency? This exercise explores the ways and reasons people choose to talk about brands.

Alternative Approaches

Transcarent is approaching health care from a new and unique point-of-view but you still have competition. This exercise identifies the less obvious competitors that distract users and prevent them from seeing the benefits of Transcarent’s solution.


How do we make Transcarent top-of-mind each and every day? What part of people’s daily routine will individuals associate with your brand? What are the triggers that drive engagement?

Metaphorically Speaking

We tend to think both literally and linearly when talking about our own products and services. This exercise challenges those perspectives and forces participants to stretch their imaginations to think of Transcarent in completely new and different ways.


Informed by our process of exploration, we look for patterns that reveal the true nature of your organization and what sets you apart.


This is the point where a disparate collection of comments, scores, and dialog come together to form a brand story. Based on the organizational survey and workshop exercises, we start to put the pieces together, connect the dots and find patterns that will ultimately inform the Transcarent brand. The brand report is a comprehensive look at results and recommendations:    

  • Your Brand Story     

  • Brand Architecture     

  • Audience Personas     

  • Messaging Matrix   

  • Passion Statement     

  • Visual Landscape 

  • Brand Assets     

  • Iconography and Imagery

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 9.17.55 AM.jpe

Applying the brand story to the tactical elements that shape people's perceptions. 


Ultimately these touch-points are the tangible elements that shape the brand perceptions of your various audiences - they inform communications such as:


Brand Strategy 

Corporate Website Architecture

Plan Sponsor and Provider Sales Decks

Member Activation Strategies

Utilization Programs

Partner Communications

Recruitment Materials


Parker Madison proposes an outside-the-box addition to the branding process. On this never-been-done-before public-facing webpage, people can watch as we align your corporate values to the unmet needs of the health care consumer. 

Full Transparency

Transcarent is a gift to the health care consumer. It’s solving problems most people have assumed are unfixable.


Your brand is as much for consumers as it is for you. What if we give health care consumers, journalists, the medical community a window into the brand development process as it evolves?


We could create a publicly-facing website that is constantly updated as you work through the culture survey, core values, the messaging matrix, and other exercises that help shape the Transcarent brand - true transparency. Allow comments, create surveys, share results, let people participate and engage with your company as you work through this critical revolution in health care. 

TC_Laptop GettyImages-1136394118 [Conver

Partner with us and level up. We are Parker Madison Brand Studio, a Phoenix, Arizona-based firm that applies design thinking at the strategic level. Our experience and insight, coupled with our unique approach and creative horsepower, are sought after by organizations looking for a competitive advantage or to attract top talent. 


United we brand

Most organizations have several audiences, each with their own objectives (Transcarent has Clinical Partners, Plan Sponsors, Members, Investors, and Employees); however, this communication must live within one unified brand. A well-conceived and expertly orchestrated brand and communication system that shapes market perceptions, boosts team performance and attracts top talent.


It’s not what you think, but how.

Engineers know how things work, designers focus on how people think and act. That's why behavioral science and design thinking play hero roles in our brand process and design management. 


The system is the solution

It's not enough to say we think strategically: our branding process is built on dialog, research and uniquely rooted in non-linear thinking. Seeing the situation from every possible point of view allows for verbal and visual cues to create understanding and appeal from any perspective.




01. Discover +  02. Strategize

INCLUDES: Culture Survey | Audible Workshop | Research & Analysis | Brand Report (Conclusions & Recommendations)

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