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In celebration and gratitude of twenty-five years doing what we love, [re]engineering brands, we’re donating our expertise to a charity in need. 

The Five Finalists


36 worthy causes were nominated.


We contacted each nominee.


A selection committee narrowed the field to five finalists.


Now we need your vote.


When creating this program to celebrate 25 years in business, we knew we wanted to give something back to those who give so much of themselves to serve others. What we could not have imagined is the scope of organizations nominated and the many incredible and dedicated folks who are doing extraordinary work here in Phoenix and beyond. 

We have been deeply moved by the many conversations we've had, and we hope that all the organizations nominated will be supported and continue to do the much-needed work that they undertake. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner, and the selection of the five finalists proved a very difficult process. 

Now it's up to you to choose our winner. Please read about each finalist below and vote! Beyond your vote, we ask that you find a charity to support with your time or resources - as we have learned, there are many worthy candidates.





BLOOM365 works to prevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and teen dating violence at the root causes through education in schools, advocacy and crisis counseling, and youth-led activation to promote healthy relationships. The goal is to empower youth who witness, experience or perpetrate verbal, emotional, physical or sexual violence to seek help. Over 15,000 teens complete BLOOM365’s “Bloom It Up” curriculum at school each year, demonstrating improvement in their self-esteem, communication, conflict resolution, coping and help-seeking skills. 


Currently, the 3-Step Bloom It Up Educate, Advocate and Activate program is implemented in Maricopa County schools and community organizations that serve youth, but BLOOM365 has launched train the trainer type programs in New York and Montana with plans to grow at the national level. This will require high-visibly corporate sponsorships, influencer endorsements and advertising.


They are committed to their current identity, but they need a robust set of brand guidelines, brand architecture and a messaging matrix to communicate and grow the program on the national level effectively.

Visit Bloom 365 website




Founded in the 1970s, Ebony House is a community health organization located in central Phoenix that provides substance abuse treatment, outpatient services and aid to parents and families in need. Focused on substance abuse and children's welfare, they are dedicated to helping adults, children and families from all races and ethnic backgrounds, triumph over the challenges they face. The facilities include a 10-bed woman's residential treatment center and a 14-bed men's treatment center, and both have a supported housing program after 90 days. 


Ebony House is soon to open an Integrated Health Clinic, serving both physical and behavioral health issues. This is a vital cause that needs an identity for the new clinic and recognizes the need for updating the current Ebony House identity as well. 


They have been selected as a finalist for The Uncommon Good program due to their identity needs and their community impact.

Visit Ebony House website




Elaine is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides transportation and health advocacy to individuals experiencing homelessness who are in desperate  need of medical care, behavioral health services, and shelter. Medical services are available to the homeless, but until Elaine, consistent transportation and assistance navigating the healthcare system did not exist. Elaine is an emerging service to assist the homeless who have no family or reliable means of support.


Elaine seeks to establish integration into each hospital system in Maricopa County. As such, an Elaine Navigator is notified when a homeless person needs transportation after a visit to the hospital, emergency room or urgent care. The navigator then tags along in their journey to obtaining healthcare- scheduling follow up care appointments, filling prescriptions, finding shelter and meals, while also providing all the necessary transportation in between. As a vital service to an overlooked segment of the community, Elaine needs a solid brand platform to bridge the gap between the support community, the medical community and the homeless community.


They have been selected as a finalist for The Uncommon Good program due to their identity needs and emerging mission.

Visit Elaine website




Justa Center is a day resource center for homeless seniors 55 and up. Day services include access to housing, food, legal and medical support, showers, laundry, etc. As people get older, they become more vulnerable to medical issues, challenging weather conditions as-well-as violence and robbery. Seniors who also happen to be homeless are especially at risk.


Justa Center is a vital service to a vulnerable population that is growing every single year. In 2014, the founding director retired as did their primary source for funding which has been difficult to rebuild, and were recently informed that their lease wouldn’t be renewed for their building at 10th Avenue and Jefferson. Justa Center has an excellent staff and an experienced director, but they need a reliable brand, identity, messaging and marketing material to survive.


They have been selected as a finalist for The Uncommon Good program due to their identity need and the need to carry their mission forward in the face of adversity.

Visit Justa Center website




NAFFA (Native American Fatherhood and Families Association) has worked to educate and inspire parents in over 240 Native American tribes and agencies across the US and Canada. Started in 2001, founder Albert Pooley developed a curriculum entitled Fatherhood is Sacred®, specifically designed to teach Native American fathers to be more responsible parents. Since then the program has expanded to include the Motherhood is Sacred™, Linking Generations by Strengthening Relationships® and Addressing Family Violence and Abuse programs. 


Over the past 18 years, NAFFA has certified over 1,200 facilitators as classroom instructors and recently opened the SAFE Parent Resource Center in Mesa to help parents of all cultures in the East Valley to enhance their parenting skills through free classes.

As NAFFA is moving to expand its program reach beyond Native American families, they want to expand their brand strategy to inform a wide range of audiences.


They have been selected as a finalist for The Uncommon Good program due to their identity needs and their nationwide reach throughout Native communities.

Visit NAFFA website

Now that you've learned about each of these worthy charities, it's time to vote for your favorite one! The winner, chosen by popular vote, will receive a complete brand refresh to represent their brilliant cause. 








Cultural Profile

We will conduct an Organizational Survey to help build a unique cultural profile for the chosen charity which we will use to develop storylines, brands, talent brands and programs to recruit and onboard volunteers and garner donations.



Conduct an Audible

When things change, adjustments must be made. An Audible™ session builds on the cultural profile, using proprietary games and exercises, to explore and discover what makes the organization tick and how we can build on those things to tell the brand story and the

brand promise.


Independent Research

We dig deep into the company, its customers, and their competition to create a brand matrix for positioning and differentiating.


Brand Engineering

At this point, we'll put all of our research on the table and look for the patterns and connections no one else sees. We'll determine the best direction for the brand and organize the tangible assets to communicate that story. Our recommendations will be delivered in the form of a brand report detailing our research and conclusions.



We’ll build an Integrated Marketing Action Plan; a launch strategy, timeline, and roadmap for

putting all the pieces in place

for a successful unveiling of the

new charitable brand.

...go get 'em!



The launch of a new brand is an exciting time. People will never look at the organization the same way again. Employees should be among the first to learn about the new brand, followed by stakeholders, beneficiaries, those in need, and the public.

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