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Choice Overload

Choice Overload, a behavioral economics principle, suggests that when individuals are presented with too many options, it can lead to decision paralysis, dissatisfaction, or lower engagement. To address Choice Overload in employee messaging, streamline and simplify choices, presenting a manageable selection of options that align with employee preferences and needs, to enhance decision-making and increase employee satisfaction and engagement.


Download the DataSheet to see three examples of how Choice Overload might be applied at your company, or click here to access a comprehensive guide on the 20 most effective behavioral economics principles and examples for applying them in your employee communications.


DesignLogics is a methodology that combines the power of behavioral economics principles with effective design and messaging strategies.


We use principles like Loss Aversion, Scarcity, Social Proof, and Anchoring to create communications that capture your employees' attention and motivate them to take action. And we're sharing our secrets with you!

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