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Insightful organizations understand the need to shape and manage brand perceptions. That’s branding. That’s what we do.

We turn the branding process inside out - putting people and purpose first. First we analyze and explore. Next, we prescribe and set strategy. Finally, we get creative and apply the brand everywhere you need to communicate. The outcome is simple – growth. Studies show that organizations whose brand successfully expresses their purpose experience greater growth and increases profits.* Our clients are most often organizations that are looking to grow, have over one hundred employees, and generally have an annual marketing budget that exceeds $100,000. Our minimum engagement is typically $25,000. 

*Kantar Consulting's new Purpose 2020 report / Unilever 2018 - 28 Sustainable Living Brands / Deloitte – 2020 Global Marketing Trends

Our Process




01. Discover

Using our proprietary process, we facilitate surveys, exercises, and dialog. Testing and validating assumptions that your team holds about the character of your organization, your unique position, and the essence of what makes you who you are.

Audible Workshop

Culture Survey

An online survey to determine relevant brand architypes


Archetype Validation

Group exercise and discussion to prioritize organizational characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses


Conversation Mapping

Exercise to identify each of your audiences and their objectives and perspectives


Purpose Processing

Group exercises to define how your company makes a difference

Ask an Expert

A discussion of your company’s collective experience and expertise


Identifying Alternatives

A discussion of competitive forces and factors


Tactical Mapping

Exercises and discussions about communication touch points and tools


Metaphorically Speaking

A group exercise to determine key analogies and metaphors for your business


02. Strategize

Informed by our process of exploration, we look for patterns that reveal the true nature of your organization and what sets you apart.  

Brand Report

Your true character that drives affinity / your unique position /   A new verbal and visual expression

  • Brand Story

  • Research Conclusions

  • Audience & Empathy Matrix

  • Brand Matrix

  • Passion Statement

  • Visual Landscape

  • Brand Assets

  • Key Messaging

  • Iconography & Imagery


03. Apply


Applying the brand to all the tactical elements that shape brand perceptions, we provide insight, creativity, and standards to a consistent yet flexible brand structure. 


Recruitment Communications

  • Job Fairs & Conferences

  • Social Channels

  • Website

  • Collateral Materials

  • Branded Premiums

  • Video


Workplace Communications

  • Flash Screens

  • Social Channels

  • Signage & Environments

  • Posters

  • Intranet

  • Branded Premiums

  • Video


Commerce Communications

  • Website

  • Social Channels

  • Signage & Environments

  • Collateral Materials

  • Tradeshow & Conferences

  • Branded Premiums

  • Video

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