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Audience Perspectives

We all know perception and reality are linked–everything is relative depending on you point of view. I think we all understand the concept, but I think this example drives the point home in a very tangible way. After reading this, think about the audiences that are important to your business and how different their objects and perspectives may be.



Across from the Parker Madison office sits a mountain referred to as “A Mountain,” named for the giant letter A near the top. How someone describes the mountain depends on their perspective.

From the south, they would call it the mountain with the Giant letter A. From the west, they would describe it as the mountain with the old, historic flour mill in front and, anyone standing east of the mountain would describe it as the mountain with the big football stadium in front of it.

Everybody is describing the exact same mountain but they’re explaining it completely different–and nobody is wrong. They are just describing it from their own perspective.

What does this mean for brands? You have one brand, but employees, vendors, customers and the public have their own perception based on their perspective.


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