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Innovation Takes Flight

Navigating sustainability, global impact, and industry giants, Radiall's dynamic exhibition at the Paris Air Show won an award for design innovation.

About Radiall

Radiall, a global industry leader in interconnect components, has played a pivotal role in supporting the most demanding applications since its inception in 1952. Over the decades, the company has built a strong reputation for supplying connectivity solutions to leading brands in critical industries, emphasizing unrivaled repeatability, reliability, and performance. Despite the success of its products, Radiall recognizes the need to develop its brand and share its purpose. This realization has prompted the company to cultivate its positive reputation in a way that transcends conventional metrics — visual and verbal messaging that builds affinity.

Radiall's commitment, not only to technical prowess but to its brand and culture, ensures that the company remains not just a pioneer in interconnect components but a dynamic force in the evolving aerospace industry.

The Challenge

Every two years, the Paris Air Show stands as the paramount global assembly of the aerospace industry, drawing attention from major players such as Boeing, Airbus, SpaceX, Lockheed Martin, BAE, and Honeywell. Radiall aimed to assert its presence in a way that showcased not just products but a commitment to client-focused innovation, sustainability, and global collaboration.

The key challenge arose in designing an exhibition that not only remained true to the brand's culture and purpose but also uniquely conveyed the theme of sustainability to a traditional aerospace audience.

In a landscape where sustainability was a prominent theme, the challenge was to communicate Radiall's commitment authentically and in a way that aligned with its unique industry stature.

Furthermore, the exhibition design sought to emphasize the global nature of Radiall, illustrating that irrespective of geographical location, the entire world benefits when industry leaders come together to address the larger issues facing society.

Meeting The Challenge

In crafting Radiall's messaging hierarchy for the Paris Air Show, their tagline, "Simplification is our innovation," served as a foundation upon which to build.

The theme, "Wherever technology lives, we're there," was created to reinforce the company's global reach and ubiquitous presence in the realm of technology. This theme conveys that Radiall is not confined to a specific geographical location but is embedded wherever technology plays a vital role, underlining the company's worldwide impact.

To amplify this theme, Parker Madison designed an exhibition environment centered around a hotel theme. This choice evoked a welcoming sense of service and support – all rooted in making connections. By metaphorically portraying Radiall as the "hospitality" provider in the aerospace industry, the campaign conveyed the company's dedication to ensuring smooth, reliable connections and innovative solutions, much like the experience one expects from a luxury hotel.

We strategically positioned Radiall as not just a supplier of aerospace interconnect components but as a center for innovation and sustainability. The company's narrative at the Paris Air Show showcased how its contributions were integral to the industry's growth and progress.

To visually symbolize the product suite, we integrated elements like blue/clear skies and soft curves, suggesting simplicity and lightweight. These visuals served as a unique expression of the brand's key touchpoints and created affinity with the show's audience.

A Fresh Perspective

Visitors and observers consistently commented on the distinctive and inviting ambiance that set Radiall apart from the conventional, tech-centric booths of other industry players.

The design facilitated easy interaction with the company's products, allowing visitors to explore and understand the company's innovative solutions effortlessly. The overall aesthetic of the booth, coupled with its functionality, created a unique and welcoming atmosphere for attendees. The exhibition left a lasting impression, reinforcing Radiall's position as a standout contributor to the aerospace industry.

The company's Paris Air Show experience extended beyond space planning, interior design, and messaging. The show experience was completed by the creation of a full complement of tactical items.

This included a dedicated landing page that acted as a virtual extension of the physical booth, providing a centralized hub for visitors to delve deeper into Radiall's offerings, sustainability initiatives, and the overarching hotel-themed campaign.

Additionally, social media served as an opportunity to amplify the booth's impact, reaching a broader audience and generating conversations both pre and post-show.

Collateral materials strategically aligned with the campaign theme ensured that attendees left the booth with a tangible connection to Radiall products and also a lasting impression of the brand's values and contributions to the aerospace industry.

Finally, a video seamlessly blended the hospitality of the environment with the key messaging directed at the aerospace audience. The resulting narrative sed Radiall's cutting-edge products but also reinforced the brand's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and a seamless connectivity experience.

2023 Netty Award Winner for Innovative Design

The Paris Air Show project exceeded expectations, leaving an indelible mark on attendees and industry peers alike. Set against the backdrop of a bustling aerospace exhibition, the booth stood out as a beacon of uniqueness and innovation. The project's strategic amalgamation of innovative experience-centered design, hospitality-themed ambiance, and compelling narrative was recognized by winning the 2023 Netty Award for Innovative Design.

This recognition underscored the long-standing collaboration between Radiall and Parker Madison Brand Studio — a journey of continuing discovery and brand evolution.


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